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Haier i-Pro Series 7 HWD100-B14979 Washer Dryer


With the Haier I-Pro Series 7 (979 Series) washer-dryers, you can do laundry like a pro without leaving your house. Among the many performance-enhancing features included in this series are those that allow you to choose the length of your washing cycles, as well as those that decrease noise and energy consumption, save time, and more. This is why the Haier I-Pro Series 7 is ideal for individuals who value efficiency and want to get professional results quickly.


A Game

This washing machine and dryer are A-class when you just use the washing cycle. Reduces consumption by as much as 51% compared to the G class, in line with the New Energy Label; this results in significant savings on energy, money, and environmental harm.

Clear. Powerful. Long-lasting. Lifetime warranty on Direct Motors from Haier

Longevity in design and construction characterises Haier’s Direct Motion Motors. Because it doesn’t use a belt, the motor is directly connected to the drum, which significantly decreases vibration and noise, increases durability, and decreases water and energy use.

Results that are certified for professional cleaning

With the innovative I-Refresh function, you can get an even deeper clean without resorting to intense wash cycles, giving you the feeling of a professional sanitiser. Results from a test on the effects of the Cotton + I-Refresh protocols on the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were obtained from VDE Laboratories in Germany. Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were reduced by 99.91% and 99.94%, respectively.

expert cleaning of clothing at home

With the use of micro vapour technology, the I-Refresh function effectively and creatively removes odours and minimises wrinkles from your clothes without the need for water or detergent.

makes your washer cleaner for a more sanitary wash

The wonderfully helpful Smart Dual Spray feature from Haier cleans your washer and dryer automatically after each wash cycle. This increases the longevity of your machine over time in addition to guaranteeing a more hygienic laundry wash!



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