Welcome! We are a network of voluntary community groups who love to sew, and are making scrubs to order for NHS staff who are struggling to get them during this crisis.

If you are a NHS worker and are searching for scrubs but haven’t had any luck, visit our directory of Scrub making hubs to order.

We have not been in touch with trusts or hospitals but have been working to fulfil personal orders from individual Doctors through our networks and communities. Some doctors including consultants and GPs don’t usually wear scrubs – but are realising this is the safest and easiest way for them to dress during this crisis.

There is currently a shortage in some areas and we are hoping that by setting up our own community garment making hubs we can make a difference little by little for our local doctors. The scrubs are made to order by experienced and professional volunteers, working safely (and rather magically) within the guidelines of the lock down. Each hub asks for a donation per uniform when orders are placed to cover material and delivery.

If you are member of the public and you’d like to sponsor our efforts we have a gofundme set up here.

Through this fund we will be proudly donating to help support the NHS Practitioners health service. They help care for and support the mental well being of NHS workers, who are doing such an amazing and selfless job of looking after us all during this time.

You can see what we’ve been up to on our instagram.

This page acts as an overview of our grassroots initiative, and as a helpful directory page for regional hubs. We are a network of volunteers not an organisation. The initiative started in Hackney Wick mutual aid group when Dr Katie Ward asked if someone could help her get some scrubs. Neighbours Maya, Annabel, Rebecca & Brooke knew they had the skills to help and haven’t looked back.

Each local hub runs independently and are asking for donations for materials separately. Patterns, materials and finish will vary. Due to the community scale of our teams, Scrub Hubs can’t currently offer bulk orders from trusts or wards.