Welcome! We are a network of voluntary community groups who love to sew. We were ( and some still are ) making scrubs to order for NHS staff who were struggling to get the protection they needed during the Covid- 19 crisis of 2020.

After many months we are now archiving this website and are no longer adding new groups. The open source resources will remain and you can visit each hub page to contact a local hub for enquiries, or take a peak to see individual hubs amazing achievements. Here at the Hackney Hub we couldn’t be more proud of our team and their achievements which you can see by clicking here.

We were asked to take part in an exhibition ‘Now Accepting Contactless’ at the V&A museum in Dundee, You can visit and see examples of our scrubs and how we created our movement, alongside other designs reacting to the global pandemic. For more info click here

Like many of you we barely knew our neighbours until 12 weeks ago, but we are now lucky enough to call some of them collaborators and good friends. What started as four neighbours who pooled their skills and resources to help a local doctor get dressed safely for work,  escalated into 113 community scrub making “Hubs” across the UK. 

Our project ‘Scrub Hub’ ( @scrubhubclub )  was born when hundreds of talented seamsters heard our rallying call and reached out into their own communities.  By working ‘separately, yet together’ during the lockdown we have used our hands and hearts to make tens of thousands of desperately needed uniforms for NHS workers. Throughout the process we have noted that our Scrubs are made with love,  and this meant for the world as well as our wonderful NHS staff. We made choices about fabric and sewing techniques which mean that what we made will be  locally made,  hard wearing, and with as minimal impact as was possible.

Thanks to our passionate volunteers scrubs often had delicately hand embroidered ‘notes’ to cheer the medics receiving them and communicate their gratitude.   As with much from 2020 none of this could have been predicted,  but something we are still blown away by is the bonds that have been forged, not just in our own local hubs,  but with new friends all across the country. Hundreds of  people put their foot to their machine pedal on a shared mission and amongst the darkness, found therapy, company and purpose in one another. 

The initiative started in Hackney Wick mutual aid group when Dr Katie Ward asked if someone could help her get some scrubs. Neighbours Maya, Annabel, Rebecca & Brooke knew they had the skills to help and haven’t looked back.