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LG Turbowash360™ Washer Dryer – 12kg / 8kg – FWV1128BTSA

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The LG TurboWash™360 washer dryer provides efficient and convenient laundry with its innovative technology, resulting in faster washing cycles and thorough cleaning. huge capacity allows for washing heavy objects or huge loads, great for busy households or those with plenty of laundry.

Combining washing and drying operations in one appliance saves space and simplifies laundry washing and drying. The TurboWashTM360 washer dryer from LG is known for its high quality, inventiveness, and reliability. It is likely equipped with additional cutting-edge features for improved performance and user ease, making it a dependable washer dryer combo and effective option for contemporary homes.


18% More Fabric Protection with Intelligent Care

utilises deep learning technology to automatically choose the best washing pattern for each fabric, weighs your laundry, and assesses the softness of your items.

Accurate but Adjustable Dosage Amount

LG’s ezDispenseTM mechanism automatically releases the right amount of detergent. Up to 35 loads of detergent can be utilised by combining the detergent and softener sections.

The AI DDTM senses not only the weight but also the fabric’s softness and selects the best motions for the material on its own.

Combination Washer and Dryer

LG’s steadfast combination washer and dryer is another example of cutting-edge appliance technology. Make extra room for your family and conserve space in your house. Use LG’s cutting-edge TurboWashTM360 technology to thoroughly clean your laundry in 39 minutes. This technology uses a 3D multi-nozzle that sprays water in four directions to reach every inch of your fabric.

Shorten cycle times and use less energy to destroy clothing. With far fewer wrinkles, steam technology removes 99.9% of allergens, including dust mites and pollen, which can lead to allergies or respiratory problems.

Your washer has become smarter with the addition of a larger, sleek metallic finish knob, a more visible display, and SmartThinQTM technology. It can now download extra cycles and operate your laundry remotely. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it simple to interact with and gives you access to the newest developments.

Here’s the specs:

  • 12KG weight capacity
  • A for Energy
  • Wrinkle Care Tech
  • ThinQ connectivity
  • 1360rpm (1400)
  • Dimensions: W600mm x H850mm x D615mm
  • Models: FWV1117BTSA, FWY706GBTN1, F4V910BTSE, FH4G1BCS2, F4Y711BBTN1

1 review for LG Turbowash360™ Washer Dryer – 12kg / 8kg – FWV1128BTSA

  1. Sharon

    I had a lot of trouble with my old Samsung washer/dryer which needed fixed three times and leaked. After shopping around I settled on this LG washer/dryer combination and it works like a charm. It’s a bit noiser than my Samsung but quiter than other machines I’ve owned and it washes and drys really well, I’m very pleased with my purchase. Good value for money and it looks very stylish.

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