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Best Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

heat pump tumble dryer control settings

It’s true what they say – tumble dryers are energy-hungry appliances. In fact, tumble dryers top the list for the most energy-heavy appliances in the home, consuming twice as much power as your washing machine.

But you can massively reduce the power consumption of your tumble dryer by buying a heat pump type over a conventional vented or condenser.

Although heat pump tumble dryers are more expensive compared to vented and condenser dryers, they provide significant energy savings of up to 60% and better drying performance. 

The Scrub Hub laundry experts have compared and analysed many top models and compiled a list of the best three heat pump dryers to choose from.

1. Haier HD90-A2979R I-Pro Series 7 – 9kg Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Haier I-Pro Series 7 dryer

The Haier I-Pro Series 9 Heat Pump dryer tops the list with 14 drying programs, a large 112-litre drum with a 9kg laundry load weight capacity, and of course, a green energy efficient class of A++, making it perfect for larger households.

Because of the unique shape of the drum walls, fabrics glide gently over the drum interior during a cycle, without snagging. This means even your most delicate clothes will stay in great condition no matter how many times you dry them.  This is a favourite feature for seamstresses.

This Haier brand heat pump dryer has a condensation efficiency class B (not to be confused with energy efficiency class). Tumble dryers have a “condensation efficiency” which measures how well the dryer condenses and stores the water, and how much is expelled into the room. The score ranges from A through to G, with A being the best. Anything A – B means superior drying efficiency, and this Haier Series 7 land in this range. 

You can easily control this tumble dryer thanks to the clever 7″ touchscreen display and control knob. The stylish blue backlit digital display – finished in piano Black – makes it easy to control settings and track drying cycles. It really is a beautiful modern appliance.

The Haier HD90-A636 tumble dryer is a moderately quiet household appliance, measuring 67dB, making it one of the quieter dryers out there. Thanks to the three-layer design of the new Haier filtering system, the user can effortlessly gather fibres and lint in one location, keeping the system clean and running smoothly.

Some of the features include crease protection, reversing drum movement, kid safety lock, interior lighting of the drum, and I-refresh. This is a premium heat pump tumble dryer that is built to perform, while being energy efficient. 

2. LG Heat Pump Dryer Model FDV309W A+++

LG ThinQ heat pump tumble dryer

The LG FDV309W heat pump dryer has Dual Inverter technology, which promises to maximise drying time while also lowering energy usage and noise levels – and LG has been faithful to this promise.

This LG heat pump machine, which has a large 9kg capacity, offers a variety of impressive features. To begin with, it has an EcoHybrid function that lets you select between an economical configuration and a rapid mode. In eco mode, the machine will cycle at 50% less energy, but you can speed up drying by switching to “Time” mode and reducing the energy rating to A from A+++, which is still very respectable. 

In fact, this LG EcoHbrid dual inverted heat pump system won the TUV Green Product Mark  – a first-ever for a tumble dryer.

Dual Inverters are typically found in AC systems as a way to optimally control motor speed by using two, instead one internal compressor. Using this twin (dual) inverter to circulate hot and cold air in a heat pump tumble dryer results in less energy to run, and a much smoother, quieter appliance. 

LG found a way to make heat pump even better, by optimizing drying time while reducing energy consumption and noise levels – a win-win! And if that wasn’t enough, this heat pump dryer is part of the ThinQ family – allowing you to control the dryer (and other LG appliances) from your smartphone via Wi-Fi. 

The dryer’s control panel is situated above the dryer door, as is typical for most tumble dryers. We like how the labels of the 14 programmes are written in full around the wheel’s edge and how a led displays which one is selected; it couldn’t be easier!

The digital display clearly shows the programme duration and the selected drying mode. Choose the correct drying cycle, whether it’s for cotton, mixed, duvets, allergies, towels, synthetics, or sportswear. With a temperature sensor and a cycle-ending alert, the machine will shut off automatically.

You can choose the level of drying cycle – “Ready to iron”, “Ready to put away (cupboard dry) and “Extra dry”, and turn on the EcoHybrid function from this touch screen (Eco or Fast).

When it comes to operating a basic cycle, getting started with the LG FDV309W Heat Pump Dryer is simple. It is possible to programme a drying flat for delicate clothing; however, in order to reach it, you must first instal the dryer in the drum before placing the wet garment in it.

As with other dryers, the fibre and textile filter positioned right in front of the drum must be dusted. It should be noticed that on the screen, indicators light up to request that this maintenance operation be performed. 

One of the main maintenance tasks for managing consistent performance from a condenser tumble dryer is having to remove and clean the condenser unit – not with the LG Heat Pump FDV309W as it has a self-cleaning condenser. 

The fluff filter is located just beneath the inside doorframe and is easily removed from the appliance. Simply empty the compressed fibres into the bin or flush them away.

The drum lights up when the door is opened, thanks to LEDs in the recess, preventing you from leaving an odd sock in the bottom of the drum.

The sound level measured one metre away from the dryer is between 52 and 54 dB A in Eco mode, making the LG FDV309W a particularly quiet appliance, and quieter than the manufacturers specified 64dB rating.

3. Bosch WQG24509GB Serie 6 Tumble Dryer

Bosch 9kg heat pump dryer

Bosch is a reputable brand with a reputation for excellence. Discover the Bosch WTH84000GB Serie 4 heat pump dryer – a premium, robust appliance packed with features for superior drying, without over-drying. 

That’s right, this Bosch Serie 6 with its 9kg load capacity has AutoDry – a feature that reads your washing as it drys. Throw in a load of laundry, and AutoDry will get it dry to the point where you can iron it, or dry it out a little more so it’s ready to fold. To prevent your laundry from being overdried and exposed to excessive temperatures, its sensors continuously assess the temperature and moisture levels in the fabrics and make adjustments.

With Bosch AutoDry technology continuously assesses how your cycle is going and will change the drying duration automatically to fit your load.

By supplying gentle, warm air from all directions, the SensitiveDrying System expertly takes care of your laundry, even delicates. The smooth, curving textured drum adds to this fabric care by ensuring that your clothes never fall flat, preventing creasing. The end result is absolutely soft, fluffy, and wrinkle-free laundry that has been gently dried, saving you time standing at the ironing board

This dryer gets a green A++ energy efficiency rating from the Bosch ActiveAir which effectively dries your clothes by heating the air using heat pump technology. The warm air is recycled and utilised again throughout the drying process. Combined heat and pump dryers are not only much more energy-efficient than conventional condenser models, but also kinder to your clothes. 

Why Choose a Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

The heat pump tumble dryer significantly cuts down on the amount of time needed for ironing. They are more efficient at drying and crease reduction, compared to vented and condenser dryers. 

Long thought to be high-energy-consumption equipment, A+++ class versions is now available that is very energy-efficient. By switching from your old vented tumble dryer with little more than a timer and hose vent to a heat pump machine, you could reduce energy consumption in your home by 50 – 60%.

In addition to its energy-saving benefits, the heat pump dryer is a textile-friendly appliance. To maintain the integrity of linen and fine fibres, they operate mostly at low temperatures. This lets you preserve your clothing over time, preventing any potential shrinkage or damage. 

This method of drying laundry with a heat pump also permits the device to be stored in any location as it does not need external venting. Further, there is no condenser that is affected by external temperatures, meaning the heat pump dryer will work equally well regardless of room temperature. 

Heat Pump Dryers Energy Ratings

The issue of energy usage is ever-present in the year 2023, for environmental reasons, and escalating energy prices – both of which will continue to be issues for the foreseeable future. 

Investing in a heat pump tumble dryer over a vented, condenser, or washer-dryer combination can cut your drying energy consumption in half. This is one of the main appeals of heat pump dryers – their amazing green A appliance energy labels. 

For example, the Bosch Serie 4 heat pump dryer above burns through 2.18 kWh (kilowatt hour) drying a full 9kg load on a standard program. This same laundry load dried in a vented tumble dryer uses around 5.35 kWh – that’s more than double the power usage. 

Among the several dryer working modes on the market, the heat pump dryer remains the greatest investment, as it combines efficiency and practicality. In fact, the room’s ambient air is directly heated by the heat pump and returned to the dryer’s drum, rather than being exhausted outside. Using this method, you can dry your laundry without wasting energy.

Similar to washing machines and dishwashers, tumble dryers also feature well-known EU and UK energy labels. Manufacturers have been required by an EU Commission regulation for large appliance energy usage, generally measured in Kwh. 

When choosing your heat pump tumble dryer, the energy label will be an important factor. It will provide comprehensive information on energy efficiency so that you can calculate running costs, you’ll also find water condensation efficiency grade, sound emissions, and cycle durations times. 

Heat Pump Dryer Brands

Like steam generators and other key laundry appliances, not all brands of tumble dryers are created equal. 

Some manufacturers are renowned for their long-term capacity to make reliable, innovative, tumble dryers, namely – Haier, LG, and Bosch produce high-end and mid-range heat pump tumble dryers. Other reputable brands known for their reliability and performance in the tumble dryer market are Samsung, Hotpoint, Beko, Indesit, AEG, Miele, Samsung, and Sharp are names to look out for.

Of course, as great as these household name brands are, always check consumer reviews and research before settling on a make and model, because heat pump dryers are not cheap appliances. 

Laundry Load Drying Capacity

The weight capacity of the heat pump dryer, like that of a washer-dryer or washing machine, is rated in kilograms (kg). 

A tumble dryer with a capacity of 4 – 6kg is ideal for a single person or couple, whereas a dryer with a capacity of 8 to 10kg is ideal for a family of 3 – 4, or more. A big-capacity dryer will also allow you to dry heavy laundry such as sheets, bedding, and large towels, without overloading the drum.

One of the most common problems for a washing machine not spinning and rinsing properly is that the weight of the wet washing is too heavy for the motor to spin at max RMP. Remember, a wet towel is 10x heavier when soaking wet, so large loads of wet washing can weigh a lot, which requires a tumble dryer with a high kg capacity.

Heap Pump Type Dryer Features

Even tumble dryers in this age of internet-connected appliances have convenient onboard features to look out for.

The Bosch 8 Series’ SmartDry capability allows the dryer to talk with a linked washing machine via Home Connect. ThinQ also enables you to control your LG appliances – tumble dryers, washing machines, and even televisions – from your smartphone.

The self-cleaning condenser found in LG heat pump dryers, for example, can maintain a high level of performance due to unimpeded airflow (filtering of micro-dust). The self-cleaning capacitor has the additional benefit of requiring less maintenance!

The eco and speed modes are huge pluses. They allow you to choose between saving time, or money. At the touch of a button, you can operate your dryer in a mode that is optimised to save power, or use more power to increase drying speed. 

The anti-crease cycle will help to reduce the emergence of wrinkles by modulating the rotations of the drum at the end of drying. Most tumble dryers will allow you to select the level of dryness – extra dry, cupboard dry (dry enough fabrics to be stored away, while preventing over-drying and damage), and iron dry, which leaves clothes slightly damp for easier ironing. All of these settings are controlled by internal pre-set programs and advanced moisture sensors.