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Best 10kg Washing Machine Brands of 2023

reliable large washing machines

Large families go through a lot of clothes. It doesn’t take long for the laundry to pile up higher than your kids. If you don’t stay on top of it, you might soon hear a kid calling, “Mum! I don’t have any clean underwear!” In other words, keeping your household running smoothly requires a reliable washing machine with plenty of space.

Your local appliance store probably has enough washing machine models to make your head spin. Shopping online can introduce you to even more brand options. How can you decide which washing machine is the best and most reliable?

The Scrub Hub team is here to help. We’ve shortlisted six large-load capacity washing machines that are up to the challenge of keeping your family’s clothes clean and fresh, year after year, with minimal chance of breakdown or drop in performance. There’s also a buying guide to help you identify the features that are most important to you.

1. Haier I-Pro Series 7 HWD100-B14979S

reliable Haier I-Pro washing machine 9kg

Whether you’re looking for space savings or convenience, you might appreciate the combination style of this washer-dryer from Haier. It can hold 10 kg loads for washing and 6 kg loads for drying. In fact, the unit can even sense how full the drum is so that it can use the exact amount of water and time that is needed for cleaning your clothes.

If you wash a lot of delicate items, you’ll appreciate this front-loader’s Pillow Drum. Special pads on the surface allow the fabric to slide right across them. This reduces catches and snags to keep your clothes looking new for wash after wash.

This Hairer Pro series Washing machine aims to replicate professional laundry results at home. Its I-Refresh technology adds micro vapours to the drum to steam out smells and wrinkles. Steam also helps detergent mix thoroughly with the wash load.

Just like your clothes need to be clean, so does your machine – (that rhymes, bonus points for me). This Haier brand unit is protected with Anti-Bacterial Treatment that reduces mould and bacteria growth. The built-in Smart Dual Spray cleans the unit after each use.

In a house full of kids, noise may be commonplace, but that doesn’t mean that your washing machine should contribute to the issue. This unit doesn’t use a traditional belt design. Instead, the motor connects right to the 10kg drum. That means fewer vibrations and smoother low-noise operation.

Haier new washer control panel

This Hairer freestanding machine has the ability to reach 1,400 rpm. The wash function alone scores an A for energy efficiency. Used for both washing and drying, the unit scores a D.

2. Hotpoint NM11 1046 WC

Hotpoint NM11 1046 WC washing machine

If your kids are messy, you’ll appreciate Hotpoint ActiveCare’s ability to tackle a variety of stains. This front-loader has been shown to get out many messes at just 20°C.

Another great feature of this Hotpoint Activecare washing machine is its steam power. No, it doesn’t run on steam. Rather, it uses steam to clean your clothes. There are two different ways you can use this feature.

If you select Steam Refresh, you can toss in a batch of clothes that just need a quick pick-me-up. The infusion of steam will reduce odours and soften wrinkles so that your items will be ready for another wear. This speedy cycle lasts only 20 minutes.

The Steam Hygiene setting follows a standard wash cycle. It blasts a shot of steam to sanitize your clothes. This feature may kill up to 99.9% of everyday bacteria.

Other special cycles on this machine include a Rapid setting for times when you’re in a hurry and a Green mode for days when you want to take extra care of the earth. There’s also an Anti Allergy setting that’s been approved by Allergy UK and a wool setting that has passed Woolmark’s test.

A corresponding app lets you check on the cycle progress from your smartphone.

This is a Hotpoint freestanding 10kg washing machine with a spin speed of 1,400 rpm. It has received a B rating for its energy efficiency.

3. Best for Speed: Candy RO16106DWMCRE-80

Candy RO16106DWMCRE-80 washer

With this washing machine, Candy is all about saving you time and effort. Its RapidÓ technology offers nine different quick-wash settings. Every single one takes less than an hour, and the shortest is just 14 minutes long!

This speedy cleaning is made possible by the reliable Speed Drive Motor. It offers 50% more cleaning power than traditional washing machine motors.

The temperature options start at 30°C, but there’s also a Daily Hygiene cycle to provide extra peace of mind. It washes clothes at 60°C to fight off germs. This cycle is also good for tackling allergens.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which cycle is the best for your load, let the machine’s smartphone app do the job for you! All you have to do is take a photo of your laundry pile, and Snap&Wash will decide which settings are best.

This 10kg front-loader has other handy technology features, including WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The smartphone app works as a remote control so that you can check in on your washing even when you’re away from home. Plus, you can activate the machine with your voice since it’s compatible with popular smart home assistants.

This freestanding Candy machine gets an A rating for energy efficiency. Also, it’s capable of an impressive 1,600 rpm.

4. Bosch Serie 8 WAX32GH4GB

reliable Bosch brand washer

Busy parents sometimes find themselves doing laundry long after everyone else has gone to bed. This freestanding Bosch washing machine has you covered.

Its Night Wash feature turns down the volume so as not to interrupt your kids’ dreams. Besides, the appliance has AntiVibration panels with extra insulation so that, day or night, it always runs extra quietly.

Not only is this front-loader quiet, but it’s also fast. Its SpeedPerfect capability allows you to cut the wash time by up to 65% so that you can tuck yourself into bed sooner.

Of course, if you’re just too tired for one more load, there’s also the option to program the appliance to start first thing in the morning. You can even use your smart home device or phone app to control the unit from a distance.

The SpeedPerfect feature is compatible with a majority of this 10kg washer’s many laundry cycles. Examples include the AntiStain settings for tackling chocolate, wine and other messes. There’s also an AllergyPlus option that uses high temperatures to get rid of allergens. If you need help deciding which settings to use, the Home Connect app can point you in the right direction.

Inside the unit, the VarioDrum treats your garments with the utmost care. It features gentle rotation that continually funnels the clothing toward the middle for efficient, effective cleaning.

The Bosch is good at cleaning itself, too. At regular intervals, you’ll receive a notification to run the DrumClean cycle.

This washing machine receives a C rating for its energy consumption, and it achieves a noteworthy 1,600 rpm. And of course, the Bosch brand of washing machine is world renowned for their reliable german engineering.

5. Best for All-around Versatility: LG Turbowash F4V710WTSE

reputable LG washing machine

Having a big family often means having a busy schedule. You simply don’t have hours each day to devote to laundry. Fortunately, the LG Turbowash can complete a cycle in just 59 minutes. And with its 10.5kg drum, it holds a tiny bit more than some of the other units on this list.

These freestanding front-loader features AI DD. That means that it can figure out what sort of wash setting is needed based on the weight and softness of the material. Don’t fritter away time deciding how to program the machine; let the washing machine do it for you.

If health is a priority for you, you’ll appreciate the steam setting. It’s able to reduce about 99.9% of allergens. This washing machine also has a hygienic stainless steel drum liner so that it stays nice and clean inside.

For convenience, LG ThinQ technology will allow you to control this WiFi-compatible unit from your phone app or your smart speaker.

If you have the space, you can get this unit with a TWINWash Mini. That’s a second small washer that sits under the main one. It’s handy for washing small loads, such as undergarments or the sports uniform that your child forgot about until the last minute.

The LG Turbowash spins at up to 1,400 rpm. It gets a B for energy use.

6. Samsung 2020 Series 6

9KG Series 6 washer

If you’re like many parents, you constantly have a million things on your mind. It’s easy for details to get lost in the shuffle. With this reliable Samsung front-loader, you can buy yourself a little peace of mind.

For one thing, it comes with a handy AddWash opening in the door. If you come across a t-shirt that fell out of the laundry basket or realize you forgot to put in fabric softener, you can use this door to toss in those items mid-cycle.

With the Samsung washing machine, you also don’t have to stress yourself with detergent concerns. The unit’s AutoDose dispenser will figure out exactly how much soap your load requires. Plus, there’s a big enough tank that you’ll only have to refill it once every 16 loads or so. The machine will even notify you when it’s time to reload the dispenser.

Do you have favourite wash settings? This 10.5kg unit will remember them so they’re at the top of the list every time. You can also set up to receive notifications through the smartphone app when your clothes are finished washing.

This machine includes Ecobubble technology that produces bubbles with a perfect mix of water and detergent. They’re so effective at thoroughly cleaning clothes that the unit can operate at lower temperatures. You can even do a bubble soak to tackle tough stains.

There’s a steam feature, too. It’s useful for taking out 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. A handy feature under the current conditions.

To help the machine stay spic and span, a cleaning reminder will go off after 40 uses. Then you can do a Drum Clean+ cycle to refresh the unit. There’s even a cleaning feature for preventing build-up in the detergent dispenser – all of these features mean maximum reliability so you get longevity out of your appliance.

This reliable Samsung washing machine is a freestanding unit that gets a B rating for efficiency and achieves 1,400 rpm.

Things to Look for Before Buying a Washing machine

Before you make your final decision about the most suitable washing machine for you, make sure you understand what you’re buying. Take a look at this guide to help you think through the ins and outs of your favourite models.

Specs and Features

Machine Style

Washing machine styles can vary considerably. There are three fundamental things to consider when you start shopping for a new unit:

  • Freestanding or Integrated
    A freestanding washing machine can be put anywhere in your home where there are hookups. An integrated one is designed to slide between cabinets. Unless you’re building a new home or remodelling, the layout of your current house will probably dictate which kind you need.
  • Washing-only or Combo Unit
    Many washing machines do just that: wash the clothes. Others can both wash and dry. Washer-dryer combination units can help save space. However, you can operate only one cycle at a time instead of washing one load while another is drying. Also, your combo machine may be able to handle drying only small batches of clothes, so you might want to stick with half-size wash loads or air dry some items.
  • Top-loader or Front-loader
    Top-loading washing machines have been around for years. Homeowners appreciate their reliability, and they’re sometimes the cheaper option. Front-loading washing machines are newer to the scene. They were once largely maligned because of maintenance woes, but those issues have improved in recent years. Front-loaders often use less energy and water and produce better cleaning results.


In general, washing machine dimensions are pretty uniform. It’s smart, however, to measure your space carefully and compare that to the models you’re considering. For example, some homeowners need slim-profile units that aren’t as deep as other washers on the market.

Drum Load Capacity

Some washing machines can hold 7kg of clothes, and others can handle twice that much. If you have a family of four, 8kg or 9kg might be sufficient. Families with more children and those who need extra space for bulky wash items might want to opt for a 10kg machine.

If you have a busy household requiring frequent large loads of washing, you should always opt for the washing machine with the largest load rating, as these machines have stronger motors, bearings, and reliability.

Energy Consumption

The amount of energy that it takes to run a wash cycle will be a key factor in how much it costs to operate your machine. If you want to save money — and be kind to the planet — it’s smart to choose an energy-efficient model.

Every washing machine is graded on its efficiency. You can find these details on the product label or in the online listing. The most efficient washers are given an A rating. The rankings go alphabetically from there; G is the lowest score.


This abbreviation stands for “revolutions per minute.” It’s a measure of how quickly the drum can spin. That’s why this is also known as the spin speed. The faster the speed, the more water will be drawn from your clothes by the end of the cycle. By opting for a machine with a faster spin, you can cut down on your drying time. Lower-end models may achieve 1,100 rpm, but nicer machines may get up to 1,600 rpm.


Different machines have different methods of operation. There may be knobs and switches or a touch screen. There’s no right or wrong here; it’s just a matter of which style you prefer. Touch screens are often accompanied by easy-to-read digital displays, which can be a nice perk.

Special Cycles

The cheaper device may have only a few settings. For example, you might be able to adjust the water temperature and the load size.

If you’re willing to spend more money, you may have a range of additional options. Examples include delicate or hand-wash cycles. Some washers have specific settings for materials like wool or silk. There may even be a setting that will make your clothes easier to iron.

Some washing machines boast sanitize cycles for times when you need extra germ-busting power. For the opposite scenario, there may be a quick-rinse option.

Latest Technology

It seems like appliance manufacturers are always coming out with new features to help you get your clothes as clean as possible.

Examples include:

  • Built-in clothes steamers
  • Detergent dispensers
  • Programmable timers
  • Sensors to detect load size
  • Settings to tackle specific stains
  • Syncable smartphone apps

The washer you choose may have a laundry list of other technology features as well.

10kg Load Washing Machine FAQs

How do I know it’s time for a new washing machine?

It’s common for washing machines to last around 10 years. Once yours gets to be that age, don’t be surprised if you need to replace it.

No matter the age of your appliance, some signs may indicate that it’s time for a new machine. Unpleasant smells inside the drum or on your clothes are one tip-off. Loud noises during operation are another. Frequent or expensive repairs could also motivate you to invest in a new more reliable washing machine.

You might also consider buying a new washing machine so you can save money on your utility bills. Newer models are typically more environmentally friendly. They require less water and electricity.

How big should my washing machine be?

Washing machines are measured by their drum capacity. Many drums hold only 6kg to 9kg. On the other hand, there are also extra-large machines on the market. These measure at least 10kg. Some can hold as much as 14kg.

If you have several people in your home, having a washing machine that’s 10kg or more may help you stay on top of your family’s laundry needs.

That doesn’t mean that large families can’t get away with a smaller washing machine. You’d just have to run more loads.

Also, big washing machines aren’t just for large families. No matter how many people live in your house, a spacious drum is useful for washing coats, bedding and other bulky materials.

Are cheap washing machine brands worth it?

While you have to keep your budget in mind when making a large appliance purchase, going for the lowest-cost model isn’t always the best choice.

Cheap brand washing machines may have smaller drums or fewer features. They may also use more water or energy with every cycle, which means that your initial cost savings may soon disappear.

Plus, inexpensive washing machines may break down more frequently. Multiple repair calls can really add up. If your unreliable low-priced unit doesn’t have a robust warranty, you might find yourself forking over cash for parts and labour. Worst-case scenario, you may end up needing to buy a new machine much sooner than you’d anticipated.

Spending a little more to upgrade to a nicer and more dependable model would be a worthwhile investment. You don’t necessarily need the top-of-the-line machine. Try to get one that saves on water and energy consumption. Plus, look for a lengthy warranty that covers both parts and work.

How to Maintain washing machine reliability and lifespan?

Appliances don’t last forever, but regular care can help you extend the life of your washing machine as long as possible.

When you bring a new washer into your home, make a plan to give it a monthly cleaning. One idea is to run a cycle with baking soda and vinegar. Do another cycle with plain water to rinse it afterwards. Wipe down the dispensers, knobs and housing as well.

Of course, before you begin, be sure to check your owner’s manual to confirm that your approach to cleaning is approved by the manufacturer. To make life easier, some washing machines have self-cleaning cycles that require no extra add-ins.