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Best Ironing Board for Steam Generator Iron

steam generator ironing board blue

Just as essential as your steam iron itself – or steam generator – is the ironing board. The ironing board is not merely a supplemental item; rather, it is crucial to the efficient and safe operation of ironing. A high-quality ironing board will not only help you get the job done more quickly, but it will also prevent you from experiencing unnecessary discomfort, especially in the back.

It’s not sensible to choose an ironing board at random, particularly when you’re using one with a steam generator iron. Although ironing boards all look much the same, there are some very important differences between one built for use with a standard steam iron and a steam generator

To help remove the confusion, we’ve hotlisted three of the top ironing-board designed especially for use with a steam generator iron. We also discussed some of the key features that separate these from your typical ironing board.

1. Brabantia Ironing Board C

Brabantia steam gen ironing-board C

The first ironing board on the list is the Brabantia – a spacious, sturdy, and stylish setup for optimal ironing with a steam generator. It has everything from a water collection tray so no leaks, to super safe non-slip legs. Everything has been considered and added to make this one of the best ironing boards for use with a steam generator. 

Brabantia Spec:

  • Surface to ironing: 124 x 45 cm
  • Area for iron and water tank storage: 42 x 28 cm
  • Fully adjustable height from 75 to 100 cm
  • Condensation collection bowl
  • Sturdy 9kg
  • Child safety lock system

When a manufacturer offers a staggering 10-year guarantee, you know they are confident that their product will stand the test of time, and that is exactly what you get with this Brabantia C ironing board. Stack that alongside the thousands of 5-star reviews and you can see that this is a true winner.

With a shelf of 42 x 28 cm, it can handle even the biggest steam generator irons. It is slightly lower and composed of plastic. It is ideal for the station’s hand iron to be exactly the same height as the ironing board and the laundry. 

The height can be changed from 75 to 100 cm in 7 increments. Tall individuals can iron with the utmost ease thanks to this feature. 

The ironing surface is made of premium expanding aluminium, meaning it can’t rust or crack. Its strong, yet slightly flexible material can withstand the high temperature and steam output of the most powerful steam irons you can throw at it. 

A steam tray on the steam ironing board is used to catch extra condensation. A fantastic feature that operates flawlessly – no drips of wet patches on clothes. After ironing, the container may be simply unscrewed from underneath the ironing board and emptied down the drain, much like a condenser tumble dryer tank. 

The overall aesthetic appeal of the entire frame, including the ironing board cover, looks great. Non-boring, if you will. 

To prevent slipping while ironing, the ironing board cover should be fastened with a secure drawstring. With this steam ironing board, we have also continuously been pleased, and we especially appreciate the useful collection tray.

The Brabantia ironing board is a great addition to your steam gen setup, in our opinion. even though the cost is a little excessive – but ironing boards designed for generators are always going to be a little more pricy than your basic board. 

2. Braun Home IB3001BK

ironing board by Braun

The Braun IB 3001 BK ironing board has a vapour-permeable cover and is a solid premium-brand ironing board without any extras. The metal shelf is large enough for any steam generator to hold. 

From 78 to 93 cm, the height can be changed to suit the user. It feels solid and safe to use, with a strong iron frame and protective paint coasting, it’s built to last.

There is no information about maximal load given by Braun. The Braun IB 3001 BK still looks good even when equipped with a 6kg steam generator with a full water tank – no sway or wobble. 

The cover helps to radiate heat to improve wrinkle removal, yet the mesh design allows the vapour steam to pass through, to minimise damp patches. 

However, there’s some chance of drops. Anyone who uses an ironing unit under high steam or pressure will end up with a damp ironing board and dampness on the floor. This is typical, nevertheless, for a very potent steam iron generator without a suction system or water collector. 

The Braun IB 3001 BK ironing board for steam generators is, all in all, a sleek, reliable, and highly recommended board with a great cover. Only those who frequently use a lot of steam should consider an ironing board with suction.

3. Foppapedretti Folding Assai Ironing Board

Foppapedretti Folding Assai Ironing Board

The Arredamenti Italia ironing board is what you need if you’re seeking a steam generator ironing board with a distinctive and alluring design. This model is among many on the market with all the necessary qualities to entice any consumer.

Its foundation, which is constructed from solid beech, is one of its best qualities and has gained the allegiance of its customers. Its enormous tray, which measures 108 cm long by 45 cm wide, is one of its components. Its height is adjustable to four different heights and is not set.

This ironing board, which is made of FSC-certified wood, is notable for its elegance and the high quality of the components used in its construction. It has a total length of 123 cm when unfolded (including the iron rest). All laundry, including bulky items like tablecloths and sheets, may be ironed because of its enormous 50 cm width. Its height can be set to 85, 88, or 91 cm in 3 different locations.

Due to its four travel wheels, this ironing board is incredibly convenient despite being quite hefty (11 kg). It may be conveniently kept behind a door or in a cupboard because it folds up into a relatively small space (115 cm high by 14 cm broad). It features a spacious wooden shelf so that you can set your clothing down when it has been ironed.

The Foppapedretti Assai Nature ironing board was made in Italy and is strong and eco-friendly. Its cotton and foam layer makes it easier for your iron’s soleplate or (steam generator) to glide over all kinds of materials. It comes in four colours: natural, white, walnut, or wenge, so it may match your interior design.

Consideration for the Steam Generator Ironing Board


At an average of 5kg total weight of the irons and tank combined, plus an additional 1.8kg in water weight when the tank is full, you’re looking at a load of around 7kg that the ironing board has to support. That’s a huge difference from a basic lightweight steam iron which generally weighs around 2kg. 

When choosing a choice, safety should also be taken into consideration. While ironing, if the frame should unintentionally collapses, the result could be serious burns and damage to the floor. Therefore, the building ought to be secure. The board must not sway. The levers must be securely fastened to the frame; they should not be free.

Any ironing board will become very “top-heavy” when equipped with a good steam iron station, which adds a lot of weight. The models weigh between 5-8 kg without water in the water tank. You can place a weight of up to 10 kg on the ironing board while the water tank is full. For a typical ironing board, it is too much.

Both this weight and the strain of ironing are too much for standard ironing boards to handle. It sways, rattles, and is generally dangerous. This is really risky, which is why I’m buying a better ironing board.

Simply give it a shot. Place the steam generator iron with the water tank full on a regular ironing board. A slight shock is all it takes for the entire thing to (nearly) go over, such as when a youngster crashes into the board or an animal. Even when you stand up to iron, you frequently become trapped for a brief period of time, which is enough to cause the board to swing.

If you’ve ever held a steam generator in your hands, you are aware of how much heavier these items are (5kg on average). For steam ironing stations, there are more firm ironing boards so as not to lower the ironing surface. The station can’t be too far away from the ironing board considering that the irons are hose-connected to it. To accommodate the steam station, these ironing tables also contain a shelf adjacent to the huge ironing surface.

Steam Management

This argument will likely persuade anyone who hasn’t already been persuaded of the security element. The reason steam generators produce such amazing ironing results is that they employ a lot of steam and high steam pressure.

The volume of steam released by the handpiece is significantly more than that of a steam iron. Up to 5-8 times more steam, depending on the quality of the steam generator iron. High steam pressure is applied simultaneously in order to force the steam through the cloth and wet all of the textile fibres, much like a steam iron press machine.

The ironing board won’t be able to take that much steam because of this. Condensation develops. As a result, puddles appear on the floor and swiftly start dripping down the usual board. Really, who needs that?

Due to a unique coating and cover, ironing tables for steam generators may absorb substantially more water. Large volumes of steam can also be handled by passive ironing boards. Even the steam is simply sucked off by the active ironing boards, which then collect the condensed water in a container.

Greater Shelf

Stations for using steam generator irons are rather big. Simply said, the station with the boiler and sizable water tank needs some room. Contrarily, standard ironing boards are fairly thin, and the shelf is made to hold a standard iron. There is scarcely any room left for ironing if you position your ironing station on the board right now. The only place the handset can be parked is on the ward, which is really uncomfortable due to how high it is.

On the other hand, special steam generator iron boards are much wider and provide enough room for the station’s storage needs.