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Best Brother Sewing Machines of 2023

brother sewing machine brand

Creative activities such as knitting, crocheting, and sewing are not to be overlooked, and the ability to fix, modify, or even create your own clothing is both enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

In our Brother sewing machine comparison, we found that the sewing brand includes models for both beginners and professionals.

Why Buy a Brother Sewing Machine?

This brand started its life as a Japanese sewing machine repair shop in 1925 by the Yasui brothers, and today it is the world’s most well-known and best-selling sewing machine maker.

Brother’s goods are known for its great quality, excellent customer service, and ongoing advancement to the cutting-edge.

The company’s motto has been “best quality and conscientious service” since its inception and has held true to its word. They have stayed committed to this mantra and have grown into a global maker of high-quality goods.

With a wide variety of accessories, Brother also demonstrates its ability to go beyond the box with new ideas. Brother’s eagerness to experiment with new technologies on a regular basis ensures that the company’s goods are always improving.

Best All-round Machine: Brother Innovis A80

A80 brother best sewing machine

Newly reworked features and plenty of power are all included in the Brother Innov-is A80, which is part of the new A series and ideally suited to intermediate or professional sewing enthusiasts. Using the machine is easy for both novices and experts because of its user-friendly menu navigation, sturdy construction, and on-screen instructions.

The Brother Innov-is A80 is an uncomplicated sewing machine that is both dependable and adaptable. There are many strong functions that are easy to grasp, and it weighs 9.4kg. This makes it manageable to travel, take to a sewing class, or move around the house.

The operation is so intuitive that you won’t have to spend hours reading or experimenting. Comfort threader with a thread guidance system, automated point bar tack, and 80 pre-installed stitch patterns make your work simpler in a pleasant manner. With the aid of the one-step buttonholes, the buttons are stitched onto the garments automatically. With the seven-point feeder already built in, even firmer textiles may be sewn without a problem.

Best For Beginners on a Budget: Brother LS14S

Brother beginner machine

Brother’s entry-level sewing machine is perfect for new sewers on a budget. This small machine has a total of 14 stitch options, making it ideal for simple sewing tasks like patching or repairing hems. Utilizing an intuitive function wheel, stitch patterns and options are provided. Incorporating integrated LED lighting ensures that the stitching area is well-lit.

Do you have no prior sewing experience and are seeking a basic and affordable model for beginners? This machine is a good starting point for learning how much fun it is to sew.

A 4-step buttonhole and a 14-stitch metal frame make it easier to sew garments with this tool than you’d expect. The Brother LS14S’s bobbin mechanism is jam-proof thanks to a unique chute. To see how much thread is still remaining, check the bobbin drop. LED lights can tell if threads and cloth have distorted when working with this machine.

In usage, the spool mechanism does not need top loading. You can turn the sewing machine to free arm mode if you need to stitch sleeves or cuffs. In addition, the Brother LS14S incorporates a tension adjustment knob.

A buttonhole foot and zipper foot are included as extra accessories. The sewing machine comes with a detailed instruction manual. You’ll be familiar with how the gadget works and how to set it up.

Brother LS14S Sewing Machine Features

  • Compact and ease of use
  • Classic functional design
  • Good power and stitching results
  • Foot with a buttonhole
  • Range of sewing accessories
  • Preset stitch patterns and needle position adjustment
  • Popular choice because of its reasonable price

The Brother LS14S metal sewing machine has been criticised by several users for a few minor flaws., which is expected with any lower-range appliance.

  • Lacking generous accessibility to the front of the machine
  • Some issue with getting thread on the bobbin.

There are far more good reviews about the Brother LS14S sewing machine than any negative ones.

For Beginners, Intermediates, and Professionals

For decades, Brother has been one of the world’s most popular sewing machine brands, thanks to its extensive product line. You may get a wide choice of features from the company for every job. In addition, they have a wide range of sewing machines to choose from. From beginner-friendly machines to intermediate users – all the way to professionals running tailoring businesses, Brother creators to a wide range of users.

Brother provides mechanical, digital, and computer-controlled sewing machines. The Brother AE1700, LS14S, and AE2500 are all excellent for beginners and kids. They are quite affordable and include a convenient rotating wheel. To stitch more slowly, use this wheel. When it comes to computerised models, the Brother FS60X is an excellent choice for home sewers who want a high-quality machine at a reasonable price point.

On the other hand, the Innov-is line of digital Brother sewing machines features additional programmes and functions. Some of the more expensive models might be more difficult to use since they are aimed at high-end for advanced users.

The Brother Innov-is 27 Special Edition is an all-around skill that may help inexperienced users progress. Additional functions can be used without acquiring a new computer once you’ve progressed. These sewing machines are also well-liked by experts.

How Much do Brother sewing machines Cost?

Prices for Brother sewing machines can vary significantly. They start at around £100 and all the way up to over £3,000. In general, the more features and options a machine has, the more it will cost.

Digital or computerised Brother sewing machines are often more expensive than basic mechanical ones. Mechanic sewing machines are ideal for beginners/intermediates who can get by with a lower number of features and power, and expensive computerised machines are usually owned and operated by businesses working in the textile industry.

Consider the following parameters while shopping for a Brother sewing machine:

  • Your budget
  • Stitching programmes available
  • Weight and size of machine for storage and moving

There are Skill Levels With Using Brother Machines

If you’ve never sewn before, you should use a Brother sewing machine for beginners. These have features that are exceptionally simple to use. Even entry-level machines are powerful and equipped with the most essential stitch programmes and power.

Do you already have some sewing expertise under your belt? A Brother sewing machine that is somewhat more powerful than your current machine is ideal for you. Learn new abilities or expand on the ones you already have with the high-tech machine.

When it comes to sewing machines, experts may simply pick an expert model. When it comes to quilting, the professional sewing machines from Brother are a great choice. High-quality results may be achieved with the help of this equipment.

Sewing Machine Weight and Height

You must consider the sewing machine’s size and weight if it must be moved around a lot due to lack of space or permanent location. You’ll have an easier time if the machine is smaller and lighter.

Sewing machines from Brother are categorised into different sizes based on their weight: small, medium, giant, compact and light. You can use this information as a rough guide in the initial phase. Next, you may examine the specific measurements of each model to determine which one best meets your needs.

Whether you’re a complete novice or somewhat experienced, you’ll be after a machine that weighs anything from 5 – 10kg. Machines made by Brothers for experts can weigh more than 15kg. This point is of little importance to you unless you have a fixed workstation.

Number of stitching options

Within Brother sewing machines, the amount of stitch programmes varies substantially. The number of programmes available on some models might be as low as 10. In certain cases, machines have up to 470 distinct stitch programmes available.

The number of stitch programmes you desire on your machine relies solely on what you want to use it for. Inexperienced sewists may generally get away with a few basic functions. When it comes to sewing, professional seamstresses often require extra functions.

Threading System

A threading assist is available on most Brother sewing machines. Depending on the model, this may appear different. The term “convenience” refers to the ease with which a thread may be wound onto an overhead spool.

Using this technology, you must follow the threading guidance, lower the lever, and the needle is threaded.

Additionally, there is an auto-threading mechanism available. With only the push of a button, the thread is pre-threaded and ready to go. No information regarding the threading system typically indicates that a threading assist does not exist.

Automatic Buttonholes

Most sewing machines can be used to create buttonholes formation, although the process can be time-consuming and difficult. The use of an automatic buttonhole that can execute this task swiftly and accurately can be really beneficial.

When using a Brother sewing machine, you may expect a buttonhole to be created automatically. Even among the entry-level machines, however, there are certain versions that need many processes in order to create buttonholes.

Even in the realm of professional and expert machines, there are typically many automated buttonhole options to select from.

Built In Lights

It is good to illuminate the work area so that you can see the seam more clearly. So Brother sewing machines have LED lights integrated. A machine with a higher number of LEDs often provides brighter lighting.

Operate extra lights if your machine does not have LEDs to ensure that the workplace is properly illuminated.